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TWR is a non-denominational radio network committed to reaching people with the Word of God so that lasting fruit is produced. To achieve this, it works with partners, listeners and friends in programming (production and delivery), transmission, audience/public relations, finance and administration.

It broadcasts in ChiChewa, ChiTumbuka, ChiYao an English languages daily through ten transmitting points covering at least 85 percent of Malawi’s population and online.

 While TWR is international in its identity and scope, TWR Malawi operates in the country with its own mandate, leadership, resources and ability. You are invited to be part of this ministry at it continues to impact thousands of Malawians.

TWR has been tested many times and is a survivor. However to thrive, it is focusing on the following:

Ensure there is no dead air by setting up an Emergency Transmission Maintenance Team,

Attend to every listener who has sent an SMS or called the station thus increasing listener engagement,

Aggressively market TWR in the era of many media houses,

Enhance the Resource Mobilization,

Have a vibrant transport system so that mobility, production and delivery of its key tasks are done on time.

TWR invites you to be part of making this a reality.


TWR Malawi is stuffed with qualified personnel holding high sense of intergrity. We believe that the success of an organisation is outcome tailored service.

TWR Malawi is friendly and respects all sectors of the population. This is why we have a clean record with the Media Council of Malawi, MACRA and other relevant bodies.

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TWR On FM in Malawi

On December 16, 2000 TWR Malawi FM went on air with initial coverage to Blantyre and the surrounding area. TWR was given permission to extend the FM network and by June 2003 the network was heard in central Malawi loud and clear for 24-hours everyday.

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