• They love God.
  • They are less privileged financially.
  • They have desired to listen more regularly.
  • They live within 40 km of TWR’s FM plant.
  • They have TWR at heart.

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    Lwafwa, Mzuzu

    Lwafwa is a remote agricultural area in the outskirts of Mzuzu and falls within Nkhata Bay District, Northern Malawi

    Twenty members of the community received the radio sets. They belong to different churches ranging from the Roman Catholic, Evangelical, Presbyterian and some traditional African Churches.

    Each sincerely appreciated the gift. They live within the TWR Malawi FM signal catchment area on 106.4 FM.

    The Community was identified through renown Gospel artist and local missionary Mtebeti Wambali Mkandawire who ministers there.


    Nsanama, Machinga

    This is a stronghold of Islam in Nsanama, Machinga in Southern Malawi. Two of the beneficiaries in attendance were Moslems.

    In total, twenty members of the community received the radio sets. In addition to Moslems, members belong to different church groups and faiths.

    Each sincerely appreciated the gift. They live within the TWR Malawi FM signal catchment area that transmits on 106.4 FM that reaches them through the Zomba Mountain transmitting site.

    The Community was identified through renown resident and ardent listener Victor Sabola. They had set up a radio listening club already.


    Chigwere, Nkhata Bay

    If one wants vegetables and fruits, then Chigwere on the outskirts of Mzuzu but in Nkhata Bay District, s the answer.

    The radio distribution took place at a Presbyterian Church sanctuary and the parish minister had cycled to the site to welcome and host us.

    Twenty members of the community received the radio sets. They belong to different churches. Each sincerely appreciated the gift.

    Dumisani Tembo, staff of TWR identified the beneficiaries, most of whom live within the clean and clean FM signal at Nkhorongo in Mzuzu and they hear it on 106.4 FM. They complained of regular power failures and affecting their listening.


    Not neglected by TWR,

    At the southern western border of Mwanza, busy as it may become, there are some keen listeners to TWR especially at Chikolosa Village.

    Resource Mobilization Manager Willie Kanthenga and Producer Pheston Kawawa reported that the recipients were grateful to God and prayed for TWR’s success, and pledged to continue praying and being supportive to the ministry.

    One of the families, a few years ago asked TWR Staff member Victor (and his wife) to name their child. The girl was named Chinsinsi which means revelation. The family continues to faithfully listen to TWR.

    Mwanza gets the FM signal via 106.4, 89.1 and 96.4. A stray signal also comes through. It is among the joyful first communities to get the FM signal in 2001.


    Thyolo Village Headwoman preaches “TWR”.

    At Kuyama Village, the village headwoman was all praises that TWR visited and distributed radio sets to her community members. She said this was the first time her village had Christian visitors with such great gifts. She said most of other visitors are politicians.

    She was among the 20 who received a radio set in Goliyati, Thyolo within a few kilometres of the state president’s village.

    Ken Mpisa, a primary school teacher yet with vision impairment had arranged everything for TWR crew.

    While this exercise was on, Victor asked the on air presenter in Lilongwe to play a song in dedication of the “new” listeners gathered. They were all amazed to hear their village mentioned on air and hear the song.


    Ndaula, Lilongwe, 50 km outside Lilongwe City

    Some of the beneficiaries started listening to TWR in 1985. One couple got saved (at separate times) through TWR.

    Visiting Ndaula is a risk for TWR because the listeners get too organized with things to do and food to be eaten.

    Because of the large numbers of needy people, we doubled the number of beneficiaries for this area which had people from several village groups with some having cycled over 20 km to be here.

    They have an ongoing radio-based fellowship which also annually blesses TWR with harvest and financial resources;.