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She is passionate about sharing faith through music, Martha Mzumara brings a vibrant energy to TWR Malawi. Her voice has been on TWR for the past 10 years. “It’s always exciting when I am on radio presenting programs and I radio has become part of me. I miss it when I am not on-air for a while,” says Martha.

Her journey with TWR Malawi began in 2013 as a Volunteer Presenter, a role she embraced with determination and commitment. Over the years, her dedication led her to become a staff member, solidifying her place in the TWR family.

Martha’s initial days of work presented her with the challenge of confidence in presenting on the radio. However, feedback from a colleague prompted her to work on her presentation skills, turning challenges into opportunities for growth. This determination and resilience highlight Martha’s commitment to delivering the best possible content to her listeners.


She presents various programs, including “Tiyeni Tiimbe,” “Nyimbo Zatsopnao,” “Joy in the Morning,” “Sunset Mix,” and “Nyimbo Za Matamando,”. Additionally, her skills in drama finds expression in TWR’s drama group, where she skillfully brings characters to life.


Martha’s passion for radio began at a young age, inspired by broadcasting icons like Eunice Chipangula of MBC Radio 1 and the late Komla Dumor of BBC. This childhood dream became a reality as she stepped into the role of a presenter for a Christian radio station. Her journey has allowed her to impact lives and nurture her own spiritual growth.


Meeting listeners who have been encouraged by her words on radio brings Martha immense joy. Feedback and stories of how TWR has touched lives strengthen her commitment to her work and the spiritual significance it holds. She shares a touching encounter with a listener who was sick, but found encouragement and faith through listening to Martha’s presentation of Joy in the Morning. In his words, he was encouraged that he would get better. This gave Martha a smile.

Martha’s favourite scripture is Joshua 1:8-9, where God encourages Joshua to meditate on the book of the law and remain strong and courageous. This scripture serves as a reminder that the Lord is with her in all situations, providing hope and strength.

Martha’s vibrant personality shines outside of her radio role. She enjoys acting, cooking for her family, and engaging in conversations to make new friends. Her sense of humor and ability to bring smiles to those around her reflect her genuine and warm-hearted nature.