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Tisanthule Baibulo

Experience the enriching world of the Tisanthule Bible. This renowned program faithfully follows the radio Bible study lessons pioneered by Dr. J. Vernon McGee in his iconic "Thru the Bible" series. Celebrating 50 years of impactful broadcasting, TTB now reaches across more than 160 countries in an impressive array of 100 languages, including Chichewa. Embark on a systematic and profound 5-year journey into the depths of the Bible through this engaging Bible Study series. Join us for daily 30-minute sessions at 8:05am and 7:30pm on TWR Malawi. If you missed a session, you can get past programs at your convenience by accessing them here. TWR Newsroom


Ndamasulidwa is a compelling radio program that unveils the power of transformed lives. In just 15 minutes, immerse yourself in real-life testimonies that bear witness to the remarkable power of Jesus to bring change and redemption. Tune in to experience the inspiring stories of lives redefined by faith every week. Join us on Sundays at 5:45pm and Fridays at 11:45am as we bring you these captivating stories of courage, hope, and transformation.


a drama play by TWR


Saturday Musical Connection (SMC), an award-winning urban music show that has been captivating audiences since its inception. Tune in to an interactive journey with artists, stay updated on upcoming youth events, and stay in the loop of all that’s trending in the urban music scene. Be part of the program in selecting music you want to hear on the show. Join us every Saturday from 1:00pm to 3:00pm for a vibrant and engaging weekend experience like no other. Our dedication to Christian urban music in Malawi has earned us recognition, with SMC proudly securing an award for its significant contribution. The programme had nominations for Best Radio presenter of the Year (DJ Mpho) and won Best Urban Musical programme award. These were Uzimu Vibes 2020 Awards.