United in Purpose: How Listeners Brought the Word of God to Karonga and Chitipa

The adage “strength in unity” came to life through the incredible unity of TWR Malawi listeners which led to the remarkable mobilization of approximately US$30,000. The driving force behind this extraordinary effort was a shared mission: to bring the transformative Word of God to Karonga and Chitipa.

Karonga and Chitipa districts, situated in the northernmost part of Malawi, lacked an FM signal from TWR, leaving them without the station’s beacon of hope. Fueled by determination, listeners of all ages and backgrounds – from rural villages to urban centers – came together to offer their financial support for purchase of transmission equipment.

Contributions poured in through mobile money transfers, online banking, cash donations, and even in-kind offerings. Through the two remarkable campaigns, dubbed “Karonga Yope Apulike” and “Chitipa Wepe Apulike” which were the first of its kind in Malawi to raise funds through our listeners and partners, not only achieved its goal but far exceeded it. This captured the attention and admiration of TWR International and their partners.

Among the inspiring stories that emerged, a touching gesture from an 8-year-old girl stood out. She visited TWR’s studios in Lilongwe, presenting a gift of MWK2,000. When a TWR Malawi Board member learned of her generosity, he rewarded her with MWK20,000 as a token of gratitude. Undeterred, she returned to TWR, contributing an additional MWK15,000. Her motivation was simple yet profound – she wanted her fellow children in Karonga to experience the joy of TWR’s children’s programs, just as she did.

From a different corner of Malawi, a small business owner in Blantyre, situated in the southern region, exhibited his support by transferring contributions each day for an entire week. He voiced his reason with clarity, stating, “I give because I understand the impact of TWR. The people of Karonga are yet to experience it. In fact, I am envious, as I wish to listen to TWR when I visit Karonga myself.”

Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of our dedicated listeners and partners, TWR Malawi is now loud and clear in both Karonga and Chitipa. The power of unity and shared purpose has transformed the lives of thousands, underscoring the profound impact that can be achieved when hearts unite for a common.

United in Purpose: How Listeners Brought the Word of God to Karonga and Chitipa